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If you are a new client, a prospective client or an existing client and you wish to schedule an appointment with our office, you may do so by calling 201-487-2055 and speaking with our staff to arrange for a mutually agreeable date and time.

For faster service, or to arrange for an appointment after hours, we recommend that prior to calling you first click this automated “Appointment Slot” link.  Once you click this link you will be taken to our office calendar which will show all the available appointment times that are currently in our system. If you are agreeable with a date and time “Appointment Slot” that is available, follow our procedure to make your appointment. In order to make a confirmed appointment with our office, you will be required to fill out all the information contained in the empty windows of the Appointment Slot scheduler, which is explained below.

All appointments will be scheduled as thirty (30) minute appointments. Additionally, all appointments will be billed to the party making the appointment and must be confirmed with payment in advance in order to keep that time slot available for you and only you.  [To confirm your appointment with payment using PayPal, click here] 

This 30 minute time slot will be requested by you.

If you are a current client with funds in trust, simply appear for your appointment and you will be billed pursuant to your retainer agreement.

If you are a prospective client or other business meeting, you will be charged a reduced hourly rate of only $150.00 for your half hour appointment (Our normal hourly rate is $325.00/hr.)

Prior to the appointment, and in order to confirm same, you are required to mail in a check, drop off cash or provide us your credit card billing information so we can bill the $150.00 appointment/consultation fee in order to reserve the apppointment for you.  If you are going to cancel an appointment, you must do so before 48 hours prior to its scheduled time or you shall be billed for the appointment.  If you do not confirm by one of the three payment methods above, the appointment shall be cancelled automatically, even if it still appears on the calendar.  Please be on time as you are making a 30 minute appointment that starts at the designated time and ends 30 minutes later.

When you make an appointment, please include your full name, telephone number, email address, home address, business address and a brief description of your legal issue. If you need to attach documents for our review (such as in the case of a Telephone Conference Call or Video Conference) please scan and email those documents 24 hours prior to the meeting to Be sure to place your name and meeting time in the subject line of your email. For an In Person Meeting, however, please make sure you bring with you all the documents that are important to your matter so we can copy them where appropriate and review them with you.

If this office has a conflict due to an emergency, weather or pressing Court matter, we will contact you to cancel or make another accommodating arrangement to reschedule your appointment, provided you have given us all your correct contact information. Thereafter, we shall contact you immediately to re‑schedule that appointment. If weather is an issue, we shall call you to advise of any change in your appointment.

Our office has plenty of parking so choose any “unmarked” or “open” spot you find. If you are lost and need directions, call the office at 201‑487‑2055 and ask the receptionist to guide you to our office. You may also visit Google Maps and simply type in “Douglas Anton” to pull up a map of our location.



Name:    John Client Appointment,  201-123-4567
(Name and phone number)

Date:     This will already be filled in for you by the “Appointment Slot” that you have selected.

Where:  3 University Plaza Drive, Suite 207, Hackensack, New Jersey 07061

Description:  As detailed above, you will provide a brief description of the reason for the meeting. Here is where you will also put all of your contact information, requested above. Finally, you will indicate in BOLD whether you are requesting an IN PERSON MEETING, TELEPHONE CONFERENCE or VIDEO CONFERENCE.

Event Color:  Please select “yellow.”



We look forward to meeting with you and discussing your legal matters.



Areas of Practice

The Law Offices of Douglas C. Anton, Esq. offers clients his wealth of legal experience, advice, and representation in a wide variety of areas, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Criminal Defense

  • Entertainment Law

  • Sports Law


  • Civil Law

  • Family Law

  • Corporate Counsel

  • Immigration Law

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