About Appointments

For the convenience of our clients, prospective clients and business professionals in New Jersey, from the United States or Internationally, we offer three methods of arranging for an appointment with our office.

IN PERSON OFFICE MEETING – This is the most popular method of meeting with counsel from our office. Whether it be for a prospective “new client consultation” or an existing client seeking to meet with his or her attorney, an in person meeting in our office is available to you.

Please click here to arrange for an in person meeting with us.

TELEPHONE CONFERENCE – Another option available to our clients and prospective clients is to conduct a telephone conference call. This would take place at a pre-arranged scheduled date and time where you would call our office to discuss your legal matter. We find this to be a convenient method for clients or prospective clients seeking to reach us from the comfort of their own homes or businesses.

Please click here to arrange for a Telephone Conference Call with us.

VIDEO CONFERENCE – A final option available to our clients is to conduct a Video Conference Call. This method is mostly used by our out of state, traveling or international clients. Through the use of simple, free technology, you will arrange for a video conference call with our office at a pre-arranged scheduled date and time. The video conference call allows for a face to face meeting with our staff where exhibits and documents can be reviewed, as if in person, but provides the comfort of remaining in your home, office or tourbus.

Please click here to arrange for a Video Conference Call with us.

Areas of Practice

The Law Offices of Douglas C. Anton, Esq. offers clients his wealth of legal experience, advice, and representation in a wide variety of areas, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Criminal Defense

  • Entertainment Law

  • Sports Law


  • Civil Law

  • Family Law

  • Corporate Counsel

  • Immigration Law

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