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Entertainment Law is one of the most difficult sections of the law to master. It does not simply deal with film, music, television, publishing and other medias; it is a cross compilation of labor law, contracts, intellectual property, litigation, securities, employment law and other legal disciplines as they relate to the entertainment industry.

Each activity has its own rules, customs, case law and trade unions. All of which must be considered in drafting any agreement between studios, artists, or industry vendors. To add to the difficulties, immigration law may be an issue as well as software and computer law, publishing, financing, distribution, copywriters, licenses, liens, options payments, royalties, buy-outs, and union negotiations.

Behind most represented artists is a multi-million dollar operation. Handling the legal, business and financial aspects of film, art, publishing and recording contracts differ between the motion picture and television industries, between studio and independent production, and between artist and publisher. Relevant issues may include acquisitions, financing sources and structures, personal service contracts, theories of protection, performer’s contracts, completion risks and guarantees, distribution, revenues and contingent proceeds, litigation, pre-production costs, post-production costs, funding shortages, advancements, insurance, and other issues. The goals, policies, and practices encountered among the various parties to represent deals need to be fully examined in order to formulate the best legal method to protect the client.

Additional challenges may be encountered when considering other parties with whom artists conduct their business, including personal representatives, corporate representatives, (such as managers, agents and attorneys), and those with whom they contract. Our firm’s approach will address the state-of-the-art with regard to beginning artists as well as established stars. Topics such as recording agreements, music publishing, touring, merchandising, sponsorships, licensing and ownership to music, scripts, choreography, trademarks, endorsements and other key areas are paramount considerations.

In addition to art, production, and publication aspects, other legal issues may arise. These issues include: cross-border acquisition of intellectual property rights; employment of talent both locally and internationally, (including immigration and international taxation issues, and the authority of U.S. talent guilds over foreign performers and performances); international finance, especially of motion picture productions or videos; barriers created by copyright and international trade law to cross-border distribution of recordings, videos, books and magazines; and issues that arise during exhibition, performance and sale of entertainment, such as domestic content requirements, regulation of offensive content, international piracy, and the cross-border collection of music and movie royalties.

Our firm works with some of the biggest names in the film, video and recording industry. We represent recording artists, songwriters, film makers, artists and copyright owners in music publishing, producers, personal managers, digital distributors of music, record companies and publishing companies, and parties involved with film and television music.

The only way to succeed in the entertainment field is to have proper representation.


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