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Sports law is perhaps the most recently developed specialty in the law. Originally just a branch of entertainment law, sports law and the interaction with the new media has turned sports law into its own legal entity. Behind every major sports player is an entire multi-million dollar operation. Handling the legal, business and financial aspects of player entitlements takes a network of lawyers, accountants, managers, representatives, and sports agents.

Relevant legal issues may include: acquisitions, financing sources and structures, personal service contracts, theories of protection, performer’s contracts, completion risks and guarantees, distribution rights, revenues and contingent proceeds, royalties, litigation, funding shortages, advancements, immigration, insurance, personal name and naming rights, as well as several other issues.

Additionally, there are different laws and policies existing between the international operation of professional leagues, including the NHL, NBA, Major League Baseball, and European soccer leagues; as well as aspects of international individual professional competitions in such sports as tennis and golf; international amateur competition, especially the Olympics; the licensing of international broadcasting rights to sporting events; effective sports governance; dispute resolution by both national and international courts, the role of the (international) Court of Arbitration for Sports; and international merchandising and labor issues.

While most employment of professionals calls for a forty hour work week, sports professionals typically contract for working over one hundred hours per week.

Endorsement contracts dictate which cars players can drive, where players can eat, shop, train, travel and represent. Even the player’s personal time, choice of deodorant or other personal products can be greatly limited by a personal service contract (PSA). PSA’s can greatly limit their freedom and choices on most everything they do. From the shirts they wear to the shoes on their feet, everything is accounted for. Paparazzi photographers can exacerbate player and contract related issues. Almost everything a professional sports player does is governed by contract.

The Law Offices of Douglas C. Anton, Esq. not only understands the legal aspects of the sports world, but have participated in writing the laws and rules that govern player conduct and interaction between the athletes, sports leagues, universities, public and private sports authorities, corporate sponsors, shareholders, and financial participants.

The Law Offices of Douglas C. Anton, Esq. provides practical counsel that understands the needs of their clients and protects their interests.

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